March 30, 2023

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Rumor: OPPO will launch foldable smartphones in December – tablets and phones – News

I usually find reviews about foldable phones quite negative. Moreover, a significant part of these people did not seriously consider such a device.

The fact that foldable phones are not yet very popular also has to do with the price. They are simply expensive devices that do not really belong to the absolute top in terms of specifications. Although the screen is increasingly resistant to scratches, this is still a weak point. Moreover, the choice in Europe is still very limited. Motorola still doesn’t provide decently long support. Two years is very limited for such an expensive device.

In top-tier phones, Apple is really still Mr. and Mrs. Switching to a foldable phone also means you have to switch to Android. Many people prefer to stick with an iPhone.

Despite all the comments, I’m seeing foldable phones out in the wild more and more. News items are always well presented, and there is always discussion on Tweakers about potential flaws.

Anyway, this phone is a new model that combines a small screen size and a large screen at the same time. Given its size, it appears to be more manageable than Samsung’s Fold. I will be glad if this phone comes to Europe. Preferably the price will be slightly lower than the Fold Z 4.

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