Rumor: OnePlus 10 Pro gets support for 125W fast charging – Tablets and phones – News

I guess that’s not too bad, like I said, the OP8 lasts me 6 months for 3 days on a battery charge. And I do express shipping only.

It only charges my phone at 35W but on the 8T which works at 65W the battery is split into two separate batteries that charge at 35W each :) As a result, the charging current for each battery is the same. In this it can be better divided into 4 parts, we still have to wait for the disassembly of course.

But I haven’t noticed any bad effects so far. I think preventing heat buildup also helps with that.

The S8 only lasted half a day after 3.5 years of using it. And I’ve never uploaded it so fast. Lots of cordless which made it snug, too.

However, I would like to see replaceable batteries again so we can last longer with our phones. I also have a Samsung Xcover 4S that I take with me when I go hiking, and it’s already available. It also includes a waterproof, extra drop-proof, 3.5mm jack, and it’s also very slim. It’s not that fast. Something like that but with fast hardware it would be nice. Samsung also has the XCover Pro, but it’s also far behind in terms of hardware.

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