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Then you also have to say it clearly and point out that Microsoft hasn’t done generations since the Xbox One. Smart delivery is something the previous generation also had. The Xbox One They then expanded this to include current generation, so that games up until last year had a different download on both Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Microsoft has already said during the Xbox One era that it sees the Xbox sequel as a replacement for PC. Initially it was just CPU/GPU (Xbox One
Now you’re just talking about a new generation compared to the Xbox One, because they switched to SSD and games can now also take that into account.

From 2016:

Spencer said Microsoft now plans to separate the Xbox One as a software platform from the hardware it first shipped with. It’s not clear exactly what that means yet, and in a statement provided to Polygon, Spencer explained that he’s not yet ready to provide specifics, but is committed to bringing “hardware redundancy” to consoles. In other words: the hardware will get better, but it will still be Xbox One (and therefore still drawn from the same catalog of games and apps).…hardware-unify/1100-5406/

This is exactly what they did with the Series S and Series X compared to the Xbox One generation. The underlying operating system is the same, games receive an update to take advantage of new hardware, either by updating the game itself or via a push from the operating system as the APIs automatically make this possible.

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