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I think a lot of the limitations of the lack of new features is also due to the limited RAM upgrade. The Xbox One has 8GB of shared memory, while the Xbox Series X has 16GB. Due to the shared memory, a lot of this will be used in the back to support 4K architecture and there is very little room for other improvements. Although you are working at a lower resolution in practice, when developing games, developers have to assume that RAM is used in 4K mode as well. The Xbox Series S is in between 12GB of RAM, but it also has a supported maximum resolution of 1440p which is good in between. So the developers also point out that the low RAM of the S series causes few problems when developing Xbox Series S games | X.

The main gains that the new generation can offer in terms of features are in a better CPU and faster storage. Racing games generally benefit more from the additional GPU power and less from the additional CPU power. AI, something that is often CPU intensive, is relatively simple in racing games, for example. How accurate the simulation (weather effect, road surface, etc.) The console is better to go back to the lower settings, FM7 was already cross between xbox and PC and seems to only use one setting for that, it seems to me that the new FM will also be cross-hardware with PC, thus it’s already optimized for lower CPUs when it comes to by simulation).

I understand your frustration, but I don’t think there’s much to gain from a racing game like Forza Motorsport, which is already more on the arcade side of racing, if you make the title exclusive to the new generation. A game like Cyberpunk2077, with many AI-intensive characters, would have benefited more †

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