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Electronic Arts may plan to delay the release of Battlefield 2042 for several weeks. This report is by, among others, VentureBeats insider journalist Jeff Grob and Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson.

Share this week’s Grubb on Twitter That the game will be delayed this week, and later clarified in a Discord server that it is Battlefield 2042, he writes Eurogamer. This is approved by Tom Henderson, a leaker who regularly shares accurate information about upcoming Battlefield games. Henderson had heard from his sources that the match would be postponed “for a few weeks”.

The leaker wrote that the delay is “still unfolding internally” at EA, but the company will share the news by the end of this week. The game’s release date is unknown if it is delayed. The company will speak internally for the “end of November 2021”. Henderson also reported that the beta version will not be delayed, and therefore is scheduled for September 22.

EA announced Battlefield 2042 earlier this year. Set in the future, the multiplayer game only supports matches with up to 128 concurrent players on next-generation consoles and PC. The game’s release date is currently set for October 22, but that may be delayed. Tweakers previously posted previews of Battlefield 2042 and service Battlefield Gate Mode.

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