January 31, 2023

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Rumor: Apple Watch sports version has bigger screen, bigger battery – Tablets and phones – News

But sure. And I’m associating with that watch myself, because I have experience with it and thus comparative material. And because of that watch that now Apple suddenly wanted to put a bigger battery in it, that’s crazy of course (which is why I also said “other smartwatches like…..”).

What matters to me, as an Apple fanatic, is that Apple is often seen as innovative and I personally find that’s not too bad. Like FaceID which they invented in a rather ingenious way, except that I don’t see this innovation in their devices. The Macbook Pro M1 2020 still has TouchID while it has a nice bezel on top of the screen that fits snugly. So I ask myself all the time: Why?

And so the battery in their AW. I mean, I think it’s too small for what AW should be able to do. It seems they don’t want to innovate, because like I said, there are many hours that take longer. The battery has been a problem for many years now. For iPhones for example and for AW anyway. I think the iPad has a good ratio and the M1/M2 can also do something with it.

So again, I’m curious how this new, larger battery compares to the current AW battery. But something tells me it will be close to 3 days. Then I go back to the other clocks which are much longer with multiple sensors/monitors in them.

Well, enough of that. Let’s wait and see first.

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