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Apple wants to make a tablet or laptop with a foldable screen by 2024. Samsung would have said that to suppliers. According to Samsung, Apple’s foldable smartphone will not be in it for the time being. Samsung has been making these for several years now.

The head of the South Korean company made these statements According to TheElec During a meeting with suppliers. There have been rumors for some time about Apple’s foldable products. Bloomberg previously claimed Apple is working on a laptop with a 20-inch foldable screen. A few years ago, there were also rumors about iPhone prototypes with foldable screens, but recently these rumors have not.

At that meeting, Samsung claimed that customers are satisfied with the company’s current foldable smartphones and that 90 percent of users plan to buy a foldable smartphone again in the future. Samsung expects the foldable smartphone market to grow at an annual rate of 80 percent. This growth rate is lower than in recent years, when the number of foldable smartphones increased 300 percent at a time. If the growth rate is 80 percent in the coming years, about 7.5 percent of smartphones will be foldable by 2025.

According to Samsung, there are still some hurdles to overcome to make foldable smartphones more popular. For example, devices should become thinner, stronger and lighter and the folds in the screen should become less noticeable. Cameras should be better and space should be made in the case to store the S Pen.

Samsung released a file Galaxy Z Fold 4 And the Galaxy Z Flip 4 introduced. Tweakers has published a review of both foldable smartphones. separately Background article Tweakers continue to discuss the reasons why foldable smartphones have a niche in the smartphone market right now.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 (right) and Z Fold4

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