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I think the problem is that the smartphone industry has been hitting the ceiling for years. The improvements made are based entirely on scientific incremental improvements, such as battery capacity, processor power vs. efficiency, etc.

In Jobs’ days, the smartphone was something new and every feature was a groundbreaking innovation. Nowadays, everything we need (and more) is in a smartphone, and it’s almost impossible to groundbreaking improvements in the current and near future technology landscape. Watch the addition of satellite connections – a feature that is needed only in exceptional cases and then only in areas without network coverage. A useful feature, sure, that will save lives, but anything but a hack that will make a difference for the everyday user. Manufacturers really have to go to extremes to offer something more premium.

We are currently waiting for the ‘next big thing’, and I don’t think it will be a smartphone in any form – the concept is now developed and can only be improved incrementally. So it must be a “new” concept that can be made mainstream. Think of something like smart glasses, which is undoubtedly something Apple is working on.

What was said; Smartphones were really just a rebranding/improving of a technology/device that has been around for a long time, the Pocket PC. I honestly believe that we are still a long way from something new that will suddenly spread all over the world. So: There is still a lot of confusion in the smartphone world.

tl; dr: It wasn’t Jobs, it was the era. Jobs just happened to be the right person at the right time.

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