Ruby: “The fear of not having money will never go away” 

Ruby: “The fear of not having money will never go away” 

It wasn’t easy for Robbie, 36, at home. When she left home at sixteen, financial problems arose and she ended up in debt. However, she now has a large savings account.

You left home when you were sixteen. Do you want to talk about it?
“I still see myself leaving on my bike, from village to city, to a social worker. Our home wasn’t a safe environment for a little girl. At some point things escalated between me and my mom and she kicked me out of the house. I spent about four months in a crisis shelter. It eventually ended.” A helping life.”

How did you get into debt?
“I couldn’t handle money. I was just running away from my problems, so I went to all kinds of parties. And I smoked like a chimney—I started it out of sheer misery—while I had no money at all. In the last days of the month I ate nothing but bread Or pancakes, but I didn’t smoke a cigarette any less. At that time I had a part-time job, but I also borrowed as much as I could from a DUO. I also got a personal loan of 5,000 euros.

It seems difficult to get out of such a situation.
“I was behind a cash register at a hardware store for a few years before the button turned. I didn’t want to spend my life that way because it was so boring in there! So I went to teacher training college and found a job that fit in. Money didn’t get much better, because what I still go out a lot.However, after a while, I was able to buy a house which I thought was very cool for me.But that was only possible if I had no debts.My stepfather-my mother got married for the third time-so he forgave her to me.In fact, I became debt-free Buying a house.

How cute of him! Was this a gift or paid for?
“I wanted to give him back as soon as possible. That’s why I took the building fund account. I didn’t do any renovations at all, but the bank didn’t ask me to show what I had done with the money. So I paid my stepfather with it. This was a building I came up with.”

Then you had a higher mortgage, I guess?
“Yes, but I didn’t mind. That’s another guilt, of course, but a different feeling.”

What about your student’s religion?
“It was originally 42,000 euros. Now I’ve paid about half. Until 2026 I’m still paying 0% interest. So now I’m only going to pay what I have to pay. But the moment I have to pay the interest, I might pay back faster.” “.

You now have a big savings account, how did you manage it?
“When I started living together, I sold my house with a few thousand euros surplus. I had money for the first time in my life! After that everything became a little easier. My husband had a low mortgage, almost 500 euros a month. We both worked full time.” – And we earn average – so saving is difficult. I also have a side hustle as a children’s clothing consultant. That means I teach parents how to carry a baby safely and comfortably. I do baby massages. I earn between €250 and €500 per month. I usually save 700 euros per month and I also deposit 200 euros in my investment account.”

This is good!
“Yes, I want to have a buffer in case something goes wrong again. This is my biggest financial goal right now. I’m going to save until I get €10,000, I’m almost done. I’ve also started investing, and I want to know more about it in the near future.” .

How does it feel to go from debt to a good savings account?
“Actually, I have always been afraid of running out of money. Lack of money is no longer a problem at all, but I am still afraid that it will run out again, that I will lose it. This can make me really nervous, especially if we have to incur big expenses. Then I always go for the cheapest option.”

How do you look back on your past financial situation?
“Sometimes you can be very unlucky in life. But in the end you have to put your shoulders under it and try to change something in the situation. It took me years too, but you really have to change something yourself if you want your situation to change. No Hang your head.”

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