RTL delays the arrival of a comic talk show | Displays

RTL delays the arrival of a comic talk show |  Displays

RTL postpones the arrival of a new humorous talk show. And the channel announced last March that it was in the process of developing the program. “In terms of costs and time, this was not feasible in the short term,” a company spokesperson said Thursday.

Production company Wise Monkeys, which includes presenter Martijn KrabbĂ©, issued a call in March to (finalist) editors, producers and interns for a “new daily humorous current affairs programme”. “This call is really for a new RTL program,” a spokesperson said at the time.

Now it appears that the program has been postponed. “It just wasn’t possible in the short term in terms of cost and time, but we’re still looking forward to it in the future,” a RTL spokesperson told the site. “From the end of July we have Renzi every day for four weeks.” In addition, it also returns B & B full of love back Elise Cheb can be seen on her La Blablabla Met Cheb show.

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