Royal Bringman Canadian horticultural supplier Coms Growers takes over the supply and has been working with it for many years.

Through the acquisition, Royal Brinkman strengthens its presence in North America with offices and stores and mergers. Coms Growers Supply employs 20 people and is a wholesaler. Like Royal Bringman’s Business Branch, this service also has knowledge support for farmers.

The full acquisition turns Coms Growers supply into a subsidiary of Royal Brinkman. Thanks to approvals from Coms Grovers Supply for fertilizers and crop protection products, Royal Brinkman is able to sell more of its products in the North American market. The acquisition also facilitates the sale of legitimate cannabis products in the North American market, the company said.

Office and Store

Royal Brinkman does not yet have an office in Canada, but an employee was already hired in that area last year. In addition to locations in southern Canada, Coms Growers Supply also covers growing areas in the United States, the company said. Both companies were too small locally to properly serve the increasingly large horticultural companies. It will change if acquired.

Royal Bringman is already active in twelve counties in the county. Acquisitions are triggered by the growing size of the horticultural market in North America, writes Royal Brinkman. As a result, the demand for international horticultural knowledge is increasing.

Internationalization continues

The internationalization of the market for horticultural technology thus continues. Dutch farmers, who are members of the HardyCope Purchasing Cooperative, participate in American Heart America, a supplier of greenhouse gardening to farmers in Canada, the United States and Mexico. HardyCoop owns 67.5% interest.

Internationalization also means that Dutch companies are coming into foreign hands. Greenhouse builder van der Hoven is associated with Arvesta, the investment vehicle of the Belgian Farmers Association. Initially it was a minority stake, with the intention of expanding it to a majority.