Rota receives first six ministerial candidates

Rota receives first six ministerial candidates

Formattor Mark Rutte begins today with the reception of ministerial candidates for his fourth government. And in the Logement district of The Hague, where negotiations on the formation also took place, he held talks with five future ministers and one State Secretary.

He was the first to receive a Wopke Hoekstra (CDA). In addition to being Minister of Foreign Affairs, he will also become Deputy Prime Minister. Subsequently, Root will hold talks with the new Ministers of the Ministry of Justice, respectively Dylan Yeseljuz (Minister of Justice and Security), Frank Werwind (D66, Minister of Legal Protection) and Eric van der Burgh (VVD, Minister of State for Legal Affairs). asylum and immigration).

Later in the afternoon he will meet the two designated ministers of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Rutte chats online with Robert Dijkgraf (D66), the future Secretary of Education, Culture and Science who still lives in the United States. Finally comes Dennis Wiersma (VVD). He replaces his current position, that of Minister of State for Social Affairs, with that of Minister of Primary and Secondary Education.


The interview with the coordinator is the last step in the procedures for appointing new ministers and ministers of state. In fact, it never happens to cancel an appointment after such a meeting, but it is not a formality at all.

It is also not a job interview, because the choice of the minister is mainly who nominates the candidate and not the prime minister. In our political system, as a political leader, he has nothing but to say about the ministers and ministers of state of his party. Moreover, it is “primus inter pares”, that is, “the first among equals”.

What was discussed in the conversation with Ruth? Under the procedure, it will be assessed whether there is “any current or past impediment to the candidate’s acceptance of the position”. In other words: Is there really anything that prevents you from holding the position of Minister or Minister of State?

Then we look at additional positions that do not correspond to a position in the Cabinet, or business interests that may lead to a conflict of interest. The health of the candidate is also discussed, because being a minister is hard work.

private things

In addition, the coordinator discusses the results of the examination conducted by the AIVD and the Tax and Customs Administration. It was investigated whether the candidate had a criminal record, known to the intelligence services and whether the candidate had always paid taxes correctly.

Finally, Rutte will ask if there is anything in the past of the future minister or foreign minister that could cause controversy. This may relate to private matters and it is up to the candidate himself how broad an answer to this question is.

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