Rod de Wilde returns on radio: From the hospital with new faces | to watch

Rod de Wilde returns on radio: From the hospital with new faces |  to watch

Vivien van den Asim and Evie Hansen are the new faces wild in the afternoon, the radio show Rod de Wilde on NPO Radio 2. They will start rotating from Monday 4 October when the same radio DJ returns to the station. Gijs Hakkert known from previous seasons wild in the afternoonTeam completes.

In March of this year, de Wilde resigned when it was announced that he had colon cancer. After a recovery period of more than six months, he will start again on Monday from a private location, the Academic Hospital (VUmc) in Amsterdam. “This is a one-off,” says a KRO-NCRV spokesperson. “Rod will be broadcasting from the hospital on Monday, because it’s a special location for him.”

In recent months, Eddie Kaur has taken over the honorary position in the afternoons between four and six. wild in the afternoon It can be heard on the radio at KRO-NCRV Monday through Thursday. On Fridays Wouter van der Goes and Frank van ‘t Hof fill the hours (Watt and Frank) His name is BNNVara.

Famous for Vivian van den Asim RTL Boulevard (which continues to provide) and crime office, the presenter Evi Hanssen we know 3 on a trip employment Who is a mole? They will alternate between the two parties. Hansen will start Monday with de Wilde and Hackert.

Rudd describes his new teammates Evi and Vivien as “the best female folk radio makers in the Netherlands”. Jory Bosman, NPO’s director of sound, has been on the phone with Rod, DJ says. “I know a few people who love radio as much as you do,” he said, according to Rudd. “Now you’ve gone through everything,” he said, “this will be the best time for you.” I guess he’s right.” What’s he looking forward to?, I find it exciting. Of course I’ll share my personal story, but honestly I’ll be glad when it’s 6 a.m. on Monday afternoon. Then I took the first bump again.”

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Tomorrow in the newspaper and on this site a frank interview With Radio DJ Ruud de Wild. All goes well. Cancer has made me more alert and less delusional.

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