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Rockstar Games unveils its GTA Online subscription where players will receive in-game content and cash for $5.99 per month. GTA+ will be available on March 29 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S versions. The euro price has not been announced yet.

GTA+ subscription customers get $500,000 in GTA every month, discounted purchases, additional RP, and access to content from past events, among other things. Let Rockstar know† In addition, the subscription offers new bonus rewards every month. In the first month, between March 29 and April 27, players can expect a selection of free car paint, free LS Car Meet membership, special clothing items, and early access to the Hao’s Special Works upgrade. Players must collect all the rewards through the in-game web browser.

Rockstar also promises additional discounts on purchases in the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store. Through the virtual stores, players can buy Shark Cash cards. These microtransactions award GTA$ players, with GTA+ members getting additional in-game money. It is not known how much discount customers get. For comparison, the current $500,000 Shark Cash Card costs around €7.50. The currency in GTA Online can be used to buy cars, clothes, weapons and houses.

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