Robots could replace half a million American truck drivers

In the United States, 90 percent of long-distance truck traffic can be done through self-driving technologies. This means robots can replace more than 500,000 American truck drivers. This is according to a study by scientists at the University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon University.

Researchers note that robots usually take on more difficult and dangerous tasks first. For them, freight transport is no exception.


“The Study of self-driving trucks Analysts Anirudh Mohan and Barth Vaishnav argue that “mainly targets long-distance traffic.” So these routes are one of the simplest challenges for self-driving trucks.

“Perhaps the biggest obstacle to this kind of transportation is infrastructure,” the scientists point out. “Especially the short journey from the factory or distribution center to the highway is the most challenging part of the transportation route and the final route to the final destination.”

“Usually there is a journey between the two of several hundred kilometers on the highway, where some unpredictable elements have to be taken into account.”

Mohan and Vaishnav argue that “the solution is to set up interchanges at both ends of the highway.” “Only at those points can responsibility for cargo be exchanged between robots and human drivers.”

“Such a system would allow robots to do 90 percent of long-distance traffic in the United States. As a result, about half a million jobs could be replaced by automation.


However, researchers point out that many obstacles still need to be overcome before long-distance transport can be fully handed over to robots. Mohan and Vaishnav point out that “in the first instance, autonomous systems must learn to cope with difficult weather conditions.”

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“In addition, in many US states, regulators have not yet approved self-driving traffic. Finally, massive investments must be made in infrastructure such as transit stations.

“On the other hand, robots can provide solutions to some of the problems facing the industry,” Mohan and Vaishnav said. “They are in the United States About 3.3 million truck drivers Although many do not stay in business for long, it does work.

“Long-distance travel in particular is a problem. These tasks are not only difficult and arduous, but also low-wage. These drivers are on the road for about three hundred days a year. For that, they receive an annual salary of about $ 47,000. .

“It is not surprising that the long-distance truck driver database is completely updated every 12 months. American Trucking Associations There is currently a shortage of about 61,000 truck drivers in the United States.

Driver shortage is now greater than transporters Now drivers from abroad Trying to impress. In addition, efforts are being made to reduce the minimum age from twenty-one to eighteen, so that completely inexperienced drivers will be sent on the road with larger trucks.

Robots can respond to those obstacles.


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