Rob Goossens laughs at Rachel Hayes quip: ‘misjudged’

Rob Goossens laughs at Rachel Hayes quip: 'misjudged'

if De Volkskrant Recently wrote that Rob is an expert on View newsHe decided to point out to the newspaper via Twitter that it should be RTL Boulevard. Then Rachel decides to point out to Rob via Instagram that he often says things that aren’t true. In that letter, she called him a “bastard”.

Rob has to secretly laugh at Rachel’s delirium. “I actually thought it was funny that they wrote a bad story about the Haze family, which wasn’t helpful to you as a reader – it wasn’t Volkskrant-story. And that you’re also doing something wrong, and it’s easy to look up … I don’t care. (…) she [Rachel, red.] She apparently saw evidence that I had quickly stepped on my toes, but she misjudged that.”

So Rob isn’t worried about it and points out on the podcast that there are more people who can’t take it. “This is of course good and she has good reason for that,” he continues. In the past, Rob has already accused Rachel at RTL Boulevard of “dragging the body of André Hazes.” “I understand she’s angry about that, but it’s not like that: you’re carrying a corpse, the point is, I feel like she feels obligated to honor that legacy in every possible way, but she’s not bound by that obligation at all,” says Rob.

“If you sing Holland once a year, Hazes does and otherwise ensures that music can be found everywhere, everyone will be satisfied. (…) But it lingers on the second part of that note, and I don’t even feel that he wants to listen to what I said then.”

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