Rob Gitten: “Dylan Jesselgoose wants to dilute Dutch values” – Goop

Rob Gitten: “Dylan Jesselgoose wants to dilute Dutch values” - Goop


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D66 leader Rob Gitten said that the new leader of the VVD, Dylan Jesseljos, wants to weaken Dutch values. To this end, it is ready to engage with the far right, he told his party conference in Apeldoorn on Saturday. Yeselgoz previously said that the VVD made too many “water concessions.”

“Do I understand correctly that she thought it was ‘watery’ that we could finally meet climate targets? Was it ‘watery’ that the teachers
Finally getting the salary they deserve? Watery, that culture is finally being appreciated again? Are we following a purely pro-European path? That CAGSA has made the largest investment in the armed forces since the Cold War? That we got rid of Russian gas in one year?

He blames Yeselgoz for once again opening the door for the far right to participate in the government. Her predecessor, Mark Rutte, ruled out the Freedom Party as a coalition partner, partly because Wilders refused to retract his discriminatory comments, despite his condemnation at the highest levels. Wilders is therefore violating Dutch legislation.

Cetin sees other objections to the participation of the Freedom Party government:

“Wilders supports Putin, he wants to get out of the European Union, out of the euro. He wants to ban the Qur’an and mosques and excludes entire populations. The only thing Dylan Jesselgöz wants to dilute are Dutch values, the liberal values ​​on which this is based.” The nation is being built.”

D66 is in a bad position in the polls, losing at least 17 seats, but Jetten is betting a final race will make up for much. Writes the Norwegian Refugee Council Many of the party members present had already resigned themselves to a disastrous outcome.

The disappointing election result provides a space to think critically about past terms of government, believes 31-year-old Quincy Bredell from Rotterdam. Although joining the government was the right choice according to Bridle, it did not come to fruition. “Several plans from the previous election manifesto were included in the coalition agreement, but ultimately failed to be implemented,” he says. According to Bridle, now is the time to enter the opposition.

This is consistent with what Citin said in his speech:

Let’s stop being sad about it. The continuation of the government, with a partner seeking to move to the right, represents a stumbling block to a decisive and stable government.

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