Road Trip to 500 Breweries in America

Road Trip to 500 Breweries in America

If you still have to drive, it’s best to stick to water. Or Heineken 0.0, as they call it. Definitely fun, as there are great non-alcoholic beers out there these days. In this dream job you get paid to drink beer and it makes you a lot of fun, which is why you get a camper as a company car so you always have a place to sleep away from your addiction.

Harvest Hosts is looking for an ‘AleBlazer’. He wants to spend two years driving a motorhome to small breweries and distilleries in America. The company is similar to AirBnB where you can book campsites at breweries, farms, vineyards and more. In Italy they do Agriculture to call

Pit to a new bar every day

The purpose of the route is to drive to a new place each day and report on the place and the brew they make there. To be clear: you only drink beer when you no longer need to drive. The next day you get back behind the wheel to go to the next place. In total, more than 500 breweries and distilleries in the United States have joined the road trip.

Harvest Hosts says of the vacancy: “That’s right, we’ll pay to drink beer and camp out in a decked-out RV while checking out some of the best breweries in the entire country.” I don’t know how much the job pays. But face it, it’s not a job you do for the money, it’s for the experience.

Since this is the US, you must be at least 21 years old to do this job. A trained liver also seems to be a plus. You must also have a driver’s license and provide proof that you are crazy about breweries and distilleries. The photo of Street Pizza does not count. You can Harvest hosts Apply and they don’t say anything specific about applicants from the Netherlands. So we think this shouldn’t be a problem.

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