Right-wing populist propagandist Eric Zemmour is the official candidate for the French presidency

Right-wing populist propagandist Eric Zemmour is the official candidate for the French presidency

After weeks of speculation about his candidacy, far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour is running for president in the French presidential election next April. in a Video Via social media, he said he wanted to save France, and called on voters to take back the country from “minorities who oppress the majority”.

The nomination of Zemmour was not a surprise. A newcomer who does not belong to a traditional political party For months already In campaign mode across the country — officially on a book tour — and in the French press, he has long been cited as the main challenger to right-wing populism Marine Le Pen with the Rasmblement Nationale.

In opinion polls, Zemmour has about 15 percent of the vote with his fierce anti-Islam and anti-immigration stances. He became known as a journalist for the conservative newspaper Le Figaro and in recent years has appeared mainly on the far-right news channel CNews, usually with Polarized contributions And fears of the decline of traditional France.

foreigner in your country

“I have been happy with the role of a journalist for a long time. But I no longer trust that a politician has the courage to save the country from the tragic fate that awaits it,” explains the 63-year-old journalist. nomination. That is why I decided to run for president in the presidential elections.”

Once again, immigration and Islam play a major role in announcing his candidacy for the presidency. His quotes in the more than 10-minute video, filled with vociferous historical references to what he considers to be France’s heyday Zemour, are cut with images of veiled women and black men. “You are a foreigner in your country,” he says.

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His outspoken views, based on ideas from far-right philosophers who believe immigrants “replace” the native French, have led to him being twice convicted of discrimination and hate speech. His characterization of single asylum seekers – “thieves and rapists” – has also caused an uproar in France.

There are no foreign buzzwords

Another statement that discourages Zammour’s popularity is his call to stop giving children “foreign” names. He also shocked voters with the comment that the government of Vichy France, the government of Marshal Petain, which collaborated with the Nazis during World War II, had actually protected the Jews.

Most opinion polls indicate that Zemmour will run against Marine Le Pen for the second place in the presidential election. So he comes out with about 15 percent of the vote, and Le Pen is usually a little higher. According to almost all opinion polls, President Macron will currently lead the way.

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