Review: Sonos Sub Mini is cheaper, but not necessarily worse | Reviews

Review: Sonos Sub Mini is cheaper, but not necessarily worse |  Reviews

ربما يكون هذا أيضًا بسبب الغرفة التي اختبرناها فيها. وفقًا لـ Sonos ، فإن Sub Mini مخصص لغرف المعيشة الصغيرة وغرف النوم والمساحات الأخرى غير الكبيرة جدًا. إذا كان لديك مساحة كبيرة ومفتوحة في الطابق السفلي ، توصي الشركة المصنعة بالحصول على Sub. وفقًا لـ Sonos ، فإن Mini مناسبة بشكل خاص في المساحات التي لا تزيد عن 30 مترًا مربعًا. هذا يقارب حجم غرفة المعيشة التي جربناها فيها.

Sonos speaker benefits

On top of that, there’s nothing missing from what you’d expect from a Sonos speaker. You can also connect these speakers wirelessly to other speakers, so you don’t have to run a special audio cable across your room. Make sure you have a power connection in the desired position and you are good to go. This wireless connection works fine as long as the speakers are in the same room.

You can also use your smartphone to adjust the sound balance. You can then move it around your room like a water rod while the speakers make a crazy sound. It sounds a little silly, but we did notice that the Sub Mini looked a little better after doing this.


We can be simple: Sonos’ cheaper subwoofer is also just a great subwoofer. It doesn’t do anything significantly different from its predecessor, but it doesn’t lack any features either. The only difference is in the size of the rooms where they are best placed.

The Sub Mini also shows a trend in the audio manufacturer: Sonos is making soundbars cheaper and more affordable. The subwoofer is the latest step in the company’s affordable home cinema range, helping the company better compete with some budget brands. We’re curious how that will turn out.

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