Review: Sing along with Coldplay in the ring

Review: Sing along with Coldplay in the ring

“Para Paradise” Echoes through the stadium. If there’s one thing Coldplay songs do well, it’s that you can sing out loud. Coldplay has scored an odd number of hits in its 26 years of existence.

On Saturday, around 60,000 visitors showed up for Holland’s first ever concert Balls Music World Tour At the Johan Cruyff Arena, singer Chris Martin, guitarist John Buckland, drummer Will Champion and bassist Guy Berryman. On the variety show they played many well-known songs, but there was also room for intimate moments.

In a short film beforehand, visitors are reminded that their ticket is contributing to charities like The Ocean Cleanup and forestry projects. Contribute to green energy by dancing on the kinetic dance floor or with watt bikes, that’s the call. And whether people want to return the LED bracelet they initially received after the concert. During past concerts, about 95 percent of all tapes have been recycled, and can be read on screens. It’s all a little thick on top.

We will give you everything

“We’ll give you everything tonight,” Martin promises. And he fulfilled this promise instantly. Electro pop crackling show from higher authority Set the tone and from the first moment the visitors are on the benches. Giant, brightly colored spherical balloons bounce over the audience.

after the subdued piano number the world, Martin gives the hall another major boost with his mega hits Viva La Vida And Hymn for the weekend. The flashing bracelets point towards the singer, who is now standing on the small stage in the audience. “People, it’s very nice here.” Then follows a private moment with a fan in the midst of a cancer treatment. She can take a seat with her brother on stage next to Martin who plays the piano higher higher plays for her.

Comprehensive view

This inclusivity is an important theme for Coldplay and is as evident as it is during a true rock song People of pride Martin jumps onto the platform holding the rainbow flag. And when the alien-masked band appears on stage shortly, the message is: Everyone is an alien somewhereEvery stranger somewhere. Then the singer sings in sign language something like thisso that the hearing impaired can understand it, although the ring’s volume leaves nothing to be desired.

A moment of goosebumps follows as Martin is midway through the chorus a sky full of stars He suddenly stops singing and the audience asks to put all phones down for some vigil. “Let’s reach out and really try this together. You don’t have to film this.” Goosebumps run through the audience and there is no screen lit for a moment. Only magic LED bracelets that make the stadium sparkle like a starry night sky.

If the last tones of bio – A bizarre duet with the Angel Moon puppet – faded out, the show ended, and the result is that Coldplay kept their word and gave it all they could. The grotesque audience can now go home again.

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