Respawn unveils new Apex Legends Arenas Map Habitat 4 – Games – News

Apex Legends is getting a new Habitat 4 map for Arenas mode on January 11th. The new arena has the same natural style as the already added Storm Point island in the battleleroyale island.

Habitat 4 is a secluded research environment where giant Leviathans have been studied for over a century Details Respawn Entertainment. The map has a building on either side where the two teams of three players start. The center of the square is largely natural, with a few man-made structures. Respawn stresses that the new Arenas map facilitates combat in the near and medium term. This makes it look like one of the smaller arenas in Apex Legends.

The addition of Habitat 4 does not herald the start of a new season, as it is The current eleventh season Works until early February. The Arenas map accompanies the Dark Depths event, with Respawn adding new cosmetic items to the game.

The Arenas mode in Apex Legends pits two teams of three players against each other. The competitive mode focuses on smaller tactical combat. Players fight for at least three rounds to win and must advance at least two consciousnesses from the opponent to win the entire match. This is in contrast to the battle royale mode, where 60 players fight alone, in pairs or in teams of three to be the last one alive.

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