Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has been delivered more than 10 million times, according to Capcom – Gaming – News

So… can we take a look at the other publishers? Games should be cheaper, not more expensive. You are more likely new game Buy something you may not be completely convinced of yet.

Maybe I’m crazy, but the lower price is not related to the absolute price at all.
As far as I know RE is just premium pricing and not only on PS5 but also on Xbox Series.

Capcom has lowered the price so that the game will continue to sell for longer.
Just like you pay the full price of all Assassins Creed at release and a few months later, the game is already in the bag.

And GTA5 continues to sell endlessly, but what will undoubtedly play a role is that the game costs almost nothing.

If you are suspicious of a game, there are two solutions.
– Check reviews and other content before buying (eliminate doubt).
– Just an old model…… wait….. the price will automatically drop to what is acceptable to you.

Calling developers to make their “unmasked games” cheaper, because then you’re suddenly getting RE??? By doing so, you put your game on the market in questionable form.

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