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Capcom has released a new free mode for Resident Evil 4. This is the old mercenary mode. Additionally, downloadable content (DLC) that allows paid weapon upgrades has been released and technical improvements have been made.

The new mode named The Mercenaries is a time-based mode in which players must defeat hordes of enemies to achieve a high score. In the beginning, only certain weapons can be used, so it is important to know the situations in which weapons have the greatest effect. Initially, only the village map will be available, but players will be able to unlock more areas and content over time.

The mercenary mode is known from the original Resident Evil 4 from 2005 and has not been a part of the remake until now. According to Capcom, The Mercenaries is very similar to the original mode. Players must still fight their way through various enemies and killing opponents not only increases the score, but also the remaining time on the clock. In the remake version, a new feature called Mayhem mode is also available which gives players power up temporarily.

Moreover, Capcom Over a dozen paid DLCs Issued in the form of weapon upgrade tickets. It can be handed over to the merchant, after which players will have access to an exclusive weapon upgrade. Each weapon in the game has an exclusive upgrade that greatly enhances functionality. These tickets give players direct access to upgrades; It is no longer necessary to maximize all upgrades first. These tickets make the in-game upgrade free, while they cost the pesetas needed otherwise. Purchasing this DLC is not necessary to complete the game; They are optional extras. So far, the Resident Evil 4 remake has been relatively free of such income.

Capcom also released an update that fixes some Technical improvements during. That’s how it is High risk area of the Xbox joystick, making it more responsive. In addition, the frame rates of the Xbox Series X and S should be improved. According to John Lineman From Digital Foundry, there is a “day and night difference” after correcting dead zone issues. another player reports That dead zone is still not perfect and is still better on PS5, but the game should now be more playable on Xbox consoles.

Meanwhile, the Resident Evil 4 remake is in total It has been sold more than 4 million times. For more than a week, this figure has sold more than three million copies. This number was actually reached two days after the release.

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