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that is my point of view. You see everywhere that people are “missing innovation”, but if it isn’t there, it doesn’t exist. As you say to yourself, you can’t miss something if you don’t know it’s possible, so how can we miss it?

To list the innovations of decades past now, I really don’t see a reason why phone manufacturers should dismiss them on the grounds that they don’t exist. There has also been relatively little innovation among previous generations of phones. From the most standard, to flip phone to slide phone, to keyboard, to smartphone. There has always been a space between iPhone 3GS and iPhone 14, there has been a great deal of difference and innovation.

My personal opinion on the other things you mentioned

hologram projection

no thanks

But I don’t see much difference with my current 4 year old device.

There is a huge difference in what is possible, but we simply don’t need more.

I have 12 GB of memory

In theory, you could store more memory in your phone, but the costs of making it so small and the amount you actually need don’t outweigh that. The fact that something does not exist / does not exist does not mean that innovation is not actually possible.
The Galaxy S6 only has 3GB of RAM, four times as much in 7 years.

40W fast charging

Qualcomm’s QuickCharge was (1 of?) the first “Quick Charge” technology.
– QC1 charged with 10W, that was a lot in 2013
– QC2 (2014) -> 18W
– QC3 (2016) -> 36W
– QC4 (2017) -> 100W or 27W via USB PD

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Charging over 100W is entirely possible too, but how fast should you be able to charge your phone? With 15-30 minutes of charging, you can easily be away from home for half a day to a full day. Is the heat buildup in the battery worth it?

Also remember that at the same time chargers and cables have not gotten bigger / thicker.

256 GB HD

More is available with other devices, but cloud storage is one thing and many manufacturers naturally want you to pay for it.

Today’s low range devices are also about the same as the flagship devices of 4 years ago, which is also what innovation is all about. Making what was barely possible before affordable.

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