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So you can at most feel guilty for your electoral behaviour, because in practice (as a non-political) this is the only influence you have.


In the first place, voting is a raft of all sorts of considerations, which can be weighed for each person by attractiveness points (Stemwijzer can help with that).

However, there is more prove influence methods.

By buying a Fairphone you are proving that there is a market (hard to describe exactly because they follow different ideals: 1) fair price for sustainable raw materials (there is actually 2 because they are good for people and the environment) 2) easy to open and repair 3) long software support.) I think it is Thanks to Fairphone, iFixit and absolutely people like Rossman, there is interest in this latest European legislation. Without leaders, the right to reform the movement is nothing. By leading by example how so Good You have to set the tone of the music.

You can also contact a politician about the issue. You can write a review. You can contribute to the community. You can write about it as a journalist (for example, Arnoud Wokke has been writing about this for years). And you can also make it your profession, as my wife did.

By the way, I agree with you that legislation helps, and probably the best way indeed (better than letting the market solve it) but it’s not the only one. Not a panacea either. Legislation is useless without enforcement. Check out GDPR or city cyclists who don’t abide by traffic rules.

The responsibility lies with the community, which must go towards regulation. The individual consumer does not have to feel guilty for that one trip as there is no reasonable alternative or buy that cheap smartphone because they can no longer afford it.

The community is you

These alternatives exist. We have homing pigeons and email and conference call and we have VR and AR and we have all kinds of transportation. I understand that you go to Mexico or Japan by plane (although the question is: is this real necessary). Within the EU, these subsidies are actually ridiculously unnecessary. They should stream to the train network to make it more popular. Because it is more sustainable. Fairphone also demonstrates this, by transporting the piece to the Dutch department store by train transport to charge Uh… training? :)

And because you no longer feel guilty about ostrich politics, the fact that you still have to respond to them in an edit suggests: they keep nibbling, right? :) Do you know why? Because you are somewhat responsible for that. Not as much as someone who flies 100 times a year, not that. But if you travel from Amsterdam to Paris or London, you are part of the problem, yes. The European Union can also learn something from this through a monthly charade in Strasbourg. By the way, I’m no more Catholic than the Pope, and I also make mistakes in terms of sustainability. Let’s try to learn from our mistakes.

By the way, there is a party at the end of the year to celebrate Vervonne’s 10th anniversary. Then they will also announce the Fairphone 5 (although I don’t know any).

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