Remix Lab: Drawing conclusions next week

Remix Lab: Drawing conclusions next week

Informer Remkes hopes to draw conclusions next week on how to proceed with formation. On Monday he will speak again with the leaders of the VVD, D66 and CDA and their deputies. In a letter addressed to them, Remkes wrote that “the scales will be set.”

And he wants “to inform the House of Representatives during the next week and draw conclusions.” The House appointed Remix more than two weeks ago as an informant. His task is to investigate whether a minority cabinet can be created from a mixture of VVD, D66, and CDA. This alliance should cooperate “constructively and fruitfully” with the House of Representatives.

Last weekend the Remix and the three party leaders pulled out to a property in Hilversum, but that led to it little concrete. Then Remix said the talks were good, but the events of that week were complicated. He was referring to the resignations of Ministers Cage and Bigefeld and the turmoil about it.

No official meetings led by the informant have taken place since last week. It was also because it was Budget Day this week and public policy reflections were also held in the House of Representatives. President VVD Rutte is today’s Prime Minister at the United Nations General Assembly.

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