Regional transport strike | Reception of asylum seekers on a cruise ship | Currently

Regional transport strike |  Reception of asylum seekers on a cruise ship |  Currently

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Strikes due to regional transport

Last week, public transport was dominated by the Dutch Railways (NS) strikes. The FNV trade union announced on Wednesday that Regional carriers Soon he will retire from work for a few days. This news was received differently by NUjij’ers.

User Jihan, himself a bus driver, does not want to participate in the strikes. Nevertheless, he understands his amazing colleagues:

“I’m not really on strike. I love my job and really care about the travelers. But I somehow understand the strikers. Before the strike, there were some conversations with the employer. There is often more room for a salary increase.”

“But again, it comes at the expense of the company’s profit. Although driving in circles all day seems like a relaxing job, it is still a very stressful job. Especially because of the different working hours every day and the traffic that’s crazier and crazier. It must. To earn a little more. But soon I’ll be on the train instead of the bus.”

However, mainly user MelvdL sees drawbacks:

“For those who have important appointments, for example who have to go to the hospital: I wish you strength. Unfortunately, there are also not enough taxis and sometimes they are also on strike. Not everyone has the luxury of a car.”

“Unfortunately, this year I also had to use public transport for four days: on the first day there was already a strike, and two of the other three days as well. Previously I used public transport every day, but it often does not work here The schedule is stripped It does not say anywhere that will lead and what will not lead if there are problems (strike, turn around, etc.)”.

“Why do they strike in Utrecht if they are not covered by the same collective labor agreement? And how often do you want to strike? It was already struck in June. And if the ticket becomes too expensive due to the increase in wages, fewer people will use public transport.”

Amsterdam provides shelter for asylum seekers on a cruise ship

As of October 1, at least 1,000 additional asylum seekers will be temporarily accommodated in a Cruise ship At Westelijke Havengebied, the Amsterdam city council announced on Tuesday. A similar plan was scrapped by Vlissingen.

This attitude towards asylum seekers infuriates user Cynthia:

“In Vlissingen, for example, the municipal council, after fierce resistance, canceled the plan to receive asylum seekers on a ship.”

“I seriously wonder how many of these resistance fighters have seen a refugee up close, or – improbably – talked to them. The extent to which xenophobia is expressed and unabashedly encouraged these days is unimaginable. It seems we are talking. It’s all just Only. I accepted that it was possible and allowed and OK.”

“By the way, the authorities can also be blamed for this, they are not against it. There can always be good reasons to disagree with something, and this must be heard, but it is very easy to intimidate the city council, just a sign of weakness, which further normalizes this kind of behaviour. Shame on us all.”

User Jos_Mecklenfeld is happy to receive the cruise ship, but has a warning:

“It is good that there are many places to receive temporarily. But the current asylum system in the Netherlands must also be viewed more critically to limit the influx.”

“The Netherlands simply cannot accommodate everyone, certainly not in the next 10 years with the problems the country is currently facing. And who knows what else will happen.”

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