Refueling and not paying, now more drivers due to higher fuel prices

Refueling and not paying, now more drivers due to higher fuel prices

“The joke is nice, but what is not said is that you have to pay a fine of 131 euros plus the amount of fuel. Even without a fine, it’s expensive, and with compensation it’s even more expensive,” says T Hart.

‘I’ll come back’

In recent years, gas stations have invested in camera systems, increasing the chance of detection, says the gas station interest group. SODA notes that this is often the case with so-called speculators. These are the customers who knock on their pockets at checkout to indicate they have no money to pay. They promise to come back later to settle the bill, but they don’t always keep that promise.

“Last week, I had a hammer who promised to come back to pay, but he didn’t,” says gas station businesswoman Rosanne Krijn. It has two stations in the Amersfoort area. “They always have a story ready and promise to be back soon. But often they don’t, even if they leave their passport or ID behind.”

With current fuel prices rising, the damage to gas station owners is even greater. “The margin on gasoline has gotten smaller in the past week, so we have to fill up a lot of cars to make up for the damage done to one driver,” says Kreijne.

tank limit

Higher fuel prices lead to more changes at gas stations. For example, the fuel limit at unmanned gas stations was increased this week. Previously, motorists could refuel a maximum of 125 euros, now this amount has been increased to 200 euros in various places.

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