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Fallout 4 briefly got a file branch It is also called “newvegas2”. Within a short time, Bethesda removed the branch as well. Fallout: New Vegas 2 has yet to be announced, but it is known that a next-gen update for Fallout 4 is in the works.

Interested players expect it to be branch It has to do with remaking Fallout: New Vegas into the Fallout 4 engine, which is what the modding team behind Fallout 4: New Vegas is making. Another possible explanation is a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas, since New Vegas 2 would be a very logical name for it. It’s probably less exciting, because it’s there All New Vegas content In the Bethesda Fallout 4 mod store.

It seems that the content of the branch has not been published. SteamDB, where the information can be seen, obtains its information by scraping Steam databases and from voluntarily uploaded information, which is retrieved using a token dump.

This is not the first time that rumors have surfaced about a new development in the field of Fallout: New Vegas. In February of this year, well-known game creator Jeff Grubb reported that talks about a New Vegas 2 were underway between Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment. The latter party is also the original developer of the game. Former Obsidian Chief Feargus Urquhart has already found it I would like to create other repercussions.

Fallout: New Vegas is a first-person action RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment, which was founded by veterans of the original Fallout developer, Black Isle Studios. The game has the same style as Fallout 3 and 4, but it takes place in Nevada. The game dates back to 2010 and was released for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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