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One Reddit user says he received a survey from Spotify in which the company asked about the user’s plans to return to the streaming service. In this survey, Spotify may also have mentioned a HiFi subscription.

Reddit user suggests almost mind He has been a Spotify Premium subscriber for ten years and recently decided to switch to Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming service. Shortly after he terminated his subscription with the Swedish music company, he said he was shown a survey from Spotify in the service’s iOS app asking if he would like to return to the streaming service if that service had some features.

Then, the Reddit user had an overview of the subscription formats from Spotify which also included a HiFi subscription format, called Platinum. This formula will cost $19.99 per month per account and, based on the screenshot, includes all of Spotify Premium’s individual subscription options. Moreover, the user will be able to hear HiFi music and has Studio Sound, Headphone Tuner, Audio Insights, Library Pro, Playlist Pro and a limited number of ads on Spotify Podcasts. It is not clear what exactly the jobs entail.

Spotify has yet to officially respond to a Reddit user’s message. a company Announced in 2021 You want to start with a HIFI subscription. With this said, the streaming service wanted to offer “lossless CD-quality music”. Initially, a HiFi subscription was supposed to come in 2021, but that didn’t happen. early 2022 Advertise Spotify It still works on the HIFI option. It will be available “in the future”. The company did not provide details of the timing at the time. I got Apple Music In 2021 Lossless audio support at no additional cost to subscribers. Get Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers Since 2021 You can also access Lostless Audio at no additional cost. Tides Reduced at the end of 2021 Standard hi-fi subscription price then also offer new hi-fi subscription.

Spotify Platinum was mentioned in a Reddit user survey. source: reddit

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