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I understand CryptoArnold per se. I didn’t think it was a fast match either. And I’m not talking about horseback riding. I finished the match when I came out, so things may have changed in the meantime. But to name a few things that bothered me at the time. For example, I found fishing is very slow. If you want to have perfect skin, you need to have the right weapon. And you can find the weapon you need somewhere in the list. It would have been better, for example, to have that information when you view the animal with endoscopes. Then you happen to have the right weapon with you. Plus, if you nudge the animal, it will take a long time before it calms down again. And with the birds flying away you can look for a new one. Yes realistic but annoying and slow I found it. Especially the birds because they are already very small and hard to see. Also on the map I found it difficult to tell which symbol is which bird.

Then you have the loot. He had to bend over every body. You must open every locker before you can get it. Every animal had to flog and pluck those birds. Again realistic of course but after a few times I found it annoying. You can also take one large animal on the horse’s back. This is if your horse is still around or within a whistle at all.

****** small spoiler ******
I also didn’t really like the main story. This felt like a lot to me. In my opinion, it was just for the most part: we need the money. Oh no, something is happening and we have to move. We need the money again. Don’t move again. And you need money again…..
****** end spoiler *****

Fortunately, a lot of things got done right. Such great character interaction, beautiful environment and graphics (at least on my PS4, although I have low graphics requirements), mini-games, and other things that allowed me to enjoy the game a bit with the added frustration.

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