Red Bull Racing could decide the Constructors’ Championship in America

Red Bull Racing could decide the Constructors' Championship in America

Max Verstappen Already decided the Formula 1 world championship among drivers in his favor, but Red Bull Racing There is an opportunity to celebrate well before the end of the year. Next race weekend in America, it might already be that time.

Verstappen won the Japanese Grand Prix, which was shortened by rain, allowing him to add 25 points. Sergio Perez Passed third, but was immediately promoted to second due to a time penalty Charles Leclerc. Thus the Mexican player added 18 points. It was enough for the Dutchman to seal his second world championship, but Red Bull Racing has been close to a constructors’ championship since 2013.

The end in America?

With four races to go, 191 points are now up for grabs. After the US Grand Prix, there are 147 more to go, meaning Red Bull Racing needs to leave Austin with a 147-point lead to decide the championship. Red Bull Racing now has a 165-point lead Ferrari, the only team that can still mathematically stop the Austrian Polonaise. All Red Bull Racing needs to do on October 23 is keep Ferrari within 18 points.

Constructors’ Championship standings

1. Red Bull Racing: 619 points

2. Ferrari: 454 points

3. Mercedes: 387 points

4. Alpine: 143 points

5. McLaren: 130 points

6. Alfa Romeo: 52 points

7. Aston Martin: 45 points

8. Rabbit: 34 points

9. AlphaTauri: 34 points

10. Williams: 8 points

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