March 25, 2023

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Realme comes with a GT3 smartphone that can charge at 240W – Tablets & Phones – News

I understand your reaction and based on your article, what I’m saying may be unfair as well. But wait a minute before I get specific about whether what I’m saying is actually bullshit. Because clever marketing is possible. Oppo uses ‘150w SuperVOOC with BHE’ as its generic brand name, do they also do that for graphics? The mention of ‘150w SuperVOOC with BHE’ in the chart doesn’t necessarily mean that they also use the maximum charging speeds in the charge cycle test.

You can rightfully call me a piece even for starting this now I’d happily do it if you go away but give it a shot. They can use the standard 10-15W Quick Charge 3.0 charging rate under 150W SuperVOOC with the BHE model, right? or not?

Andrei F, former writer at Anandtech, is certainly convinced of this and has stated this several times (he closed his Twitter account from the public after leaving Anandtech):…ng_quotes_continue_to_be/…er_regarding_the_200watt/…omment/h1mizjf/?context=1

Opening quotes without a link by Andrei F, where smart marketing can be used according to his words:

I don’t think for a moment that they have a 10C battery that lasts to 80% after that many cycles. If we achieve this feat in physics and chemistry we will hear it from industrial research papers and not from cell phone marketing.

The problem with this data is exactly the same as last year’s OPPO fast charging drama, it doesn’t specify the actual charge rate for that 800 cycle 80% number. They make you think it’s at 200 watts but they don’t specifically mention this.

Once again, stupid shipping rates continue to spread. Big secret: those 1600 cycles aren’t at 200 watts, they’re standardized at 10-15 watts. No seller will ever give you a charge cycle number degradation rate at the maximum advertised charge rate because it would be bad.

Oppo charging speeds with such low temperatures at the same time would have been generally groundbreaking and revolutionary for the entire industry if charging speeds were 150-240W. However, it is just something in their marketing, which raises questions according to the quotes above.

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