Readers’ questions about the Green Draeck and the King’s Raincoat

Readers' questions about the Green Draeck and the King's Raincoat

Fun questions come to the MKM mailbox. Since the questions are often the same, and answering them separately takes a lot of time, I answer the most frequently asked questions of the day in the Readers’ Questions series. With the day: Green Drake and King’s trench coat.

Question 1: Did the King and Queen really sleep on the Groene Draeck?
Yes, as far as I know. I spotted the ship on the first day of the provincial visit, but no matter who I asked: Everyone denied that the royal couple would spend the night at the Groene Draeck. When I was moved with a few colleagues to a very cheap press hotel with bunk beds, the penny dropped. Media had to be far from the port so that the king and queen could spend the night in the harbor in peace. Fortunately, in a hostel full of students and sweat socks over the radiator in the lobby, you can also have a long, relaxing drink. The next morning the Royal Standard fluttered on the Groene Draeck and we knew enough. When the royal couple left the boat, they briefly posed for the media and the program could begin.

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Question 2: I read that the King has slept on the Groene Draeck, but can you sleep well there? It looks very young.
De Groene Draeck may look small, but if you fold out the sofa bed you can sleep 9 people. Below you can see the top view from the 1950s. In addition to a large corner sofa, there are two toilets, a shower and a kitchenette.

Question 3: Why is Groene Draeck called Groene Draeck? It’s not green…
The royal yacht of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard Piet is named Heine. When Princess Beatrix got her own yacht for her 18th birthday, she chose the appropriate name. The true pioneer of Piet Heine was called “De Vliegende Groene Draeck”. Woodcarving by Beatrix Groene Drake depicts the 1623 portrait of the warship.

Question 4. My eyes fell on the cloak of King Willem-Alexander. Can you tell me where the piece of clothing was purchased.
The raincoat has a blue-white checkered pattern lining and green accents. Although it comes as British, it is a design by German label Wellington of Bilmore.

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