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Goldband op Parkpop

The golden band in Parkpop © ANP

THE HAGUE – The 40th edition of Barkpop took place in sunny Mallefeld in The Hague. DI-RECT, Maan and Froukje were some of the artists who presented. This was the first time in the 40th anniversary of the founding of the festival being held in Malefield. Read all about Parkpop 2022 here.

UB40 . is turned off

British band UB40 that includes Ali Campbell shuts down Parkpop 2022. As the sun shines all day, you now see the moon appear as it slowly darkens. Visitors attend a one-and-a-half hour concert. This also concludes this blog, thanks for following. Mark your calendar for Sunday, June 19 and TV West will broadcast the Parkpop 2022 recap from 5 p.m.

yes or no with artists

Parkpop also includes interviews with artists. Nicolette has toured a yes or no with Crows, Goldband, DI-RECT, Donnie, Prince S and the Goat.

You can catch more interviews next Sunday in the special episode about Parkpop on TV West!


Crows close the Hague platform

Nor was it the first time crows had been on Parkpop. The masked formation will close the theater in The Hague on Sunday.

Crows in Barkpop
Crows in Barkpop © Radio West

What do visitors think of the new site?

No longer as usual in Zuiderpark, but for the first time in Malieveld. It takes a bit of getting used to for many Parkpop visitors, but it’s just party as usual.

Is Parkpop still on Malieveld Parkpop?

DI-RECT sets fire to Malefield

It’s definitely not the first time the DI-RECT guys have been at Parkpop. They play a variety of movement where the corona number continue persistently, Not missing. And everyone jumps when Spiock and Marcel asks.

He is busy in Malieveld

Slowly you see the age of people in Mali is increasing. The smallest goes home and the “bigger the smaller”, as Wim de Bie once said, enjoy DI-RECT and wait for UB40

Parkpop 2022, it's busy in Malieveld
Parkpop 2022, it’s busy in Malieveld © Radio West

The moon sings: When I see you again

Originally Maan sang Als ik je weer with Thomas Acda, Paul de Munnik and Typhoon. Now the Parkpop fans have been asked to sing together.

satisfied organization

A few hours after Parkpop kicks off in The Hague, director Guus Dutrieux is “extremely satisfied” with the festival’s progress so far.

Fun crowd at Parkpop

Parkpop 2022, year
Parkpop 2022, year © Radio West
Parkpop 2022, year
Parkpop 2022, year © Radio West

Goldband makes the audience sing with all their hearts

The Goldband men dedicated a special song to Mr. Parkpop, Guus Dutrieux, who organized Parkpop for forty years. This is for you, They sing. On top of that, of course they bring Baby Wishes, Emergencies, Reqium (you all die) and White Laundry.

Parkpop Home Game for Men Goldband

Barkpop 2022, Gold Band
Barkpop 2022, Gold Band © Radio West

I got a receipt

Renee Froger moved very quickly on his way to Barkpop. So take a receipt! The field became wild.

PARKPOP: Donnie and Renee are having a party with Bonne

The sun’s high power, so put it to good use!

It’s sunny in Malieveld, so sunscreen isn’t an unnecessary luxury. Nicolette toured the festival site to help people.

Parkbob: The sun’s high power, so put it to good use!

Nice and busy in Malefield

It’s crowded in Malieveld, there is a relaxed atmosphere. In the performance of Donnie and Friends, there are many teenagers who sing, dance along and above all take photos and videos.

Party at Donnie XL

Rapper Donnie will be visiting Parkpop with his friends at 3.30pm. He then had a concert on the main stage with Mart Hoogkammer, Frans Deutz, René Froger, Hagenar Willy Wartal. Can you have the longest bolognese in the field?

Willy Wartal and Glenn Faria in Parkpop

Parkpop 2022, Willie Wartaal (left) and Glen Faria backstage
Parkpop 2022, Willie Wartaal (left) and Glen Faria backstage © Radio West

Donnie brought his friends Rene Froger and Frans Duijs with him. Their cars are behind the scenes.

© Radio West

Nice benches in the field

Many people bring an old-fashioned picnic blanket with them. But the organization also created a few shaded seating areas.

© Radio West

Kevin and animals

Kevin is already called a hip-hop legend by Parkpop. Now he knows how to get the audience to dance barkpop

Multiple stages

In addition to the main stage, there is also Haags Veld with several stages at Parkpop. Acts like Coocoo, Yaëll Campbell, Fuzzy Teeth, Silver Lake, Wodan Boys, MOVNT OLYMPVS, Prins S. en de Geit and De Kraaien will shake Haagse Veld off its foundations. The Residentie Orkest also plays in Parkpop. The orchestra operates two programmes: Stage Your Voice, where young singers and songwriters share the stage with orchestral musicians, and Notes, Beats & Bars, a blend of classical and rap.

play parkpop table
play parkpop table © Mojo

S10 Surprise Code

Froki is not alone. She has an S10 with her. Entering the Dutch Song Contest was a boost to Anouk on Saturday. Together with Froukje she sings Without face

Froukje kicks off from Parkpop

The singer from Nieuwkoop knows how to fully jump Malieveld.

“Protest” in Züderpark: “Where is everyone?”

Some Parkpop fans think the festival belongs to Zuiderpark and disagree with the move to Malieveld. More than 1,500 people registered on Facebook to protest in Züderpark.

There seemed to be no question of a “real” protest: only a handful of people came to the park, including Annika and Hans. Where is the protest? No one showed up? This is very disappointing,” Hans told our reporter. Although he also admits that he had expected a low turnout.

Hans and Annika are alone at the protest in Züderpark
Hans and Annika are alone at the protest in Züderpark © Henk Welink

Free festival with one free coin for the cup

Each Parkpop visitor receives a free coin for a recyclable cup. Of course you have to pay for the content. If you lose your cup, you will have to pay cash to get a new one.

Parkpop 2022, Free Coin
Parkpop 2022, Free Coin © Radio West

12:00 pm: The festival site is open!

At 12:00, people were allowed to enter the festival site. The first fans are already ready for Froukje’s performance, which begins at 1pm.

11 am: Malieveld ready to welcome thousands of Parkpop visitors

Malefield is still empty, quiet and clean. Many vocal ranges are already realized in the background.

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