January 31, 2023

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Reactions varied after the exchange in Steenrijk, Straatarm

Reactions varied after the exchange in Steenrijk, Straatarm

While the crow flies 8000 km from Holland lies the Caribbean island of Aruba. Ghislaine and Diederik Kemmerling live with their son Dan in the sunny former colony of Holland. On Paradise Island, they both have successful careers and are fully enjoying the fruits of that. This is what happened happy couple Recently moved into a self designed detached villa.

In addition, they built two more apartments for friends and family coming from Holland. They do not know the worries of money. So their motto is: “Why work so hard if you can’t spend it with the same amount of effort?”

Big difference with the home situation of the Knig family from Emin. Where mother Caroline takes care of the whole family, because father Richard can contribute less due to brain damage and has been declared unfit for work. In addition, two out of three children have autism, which means health care costs are high. And where the Kemmerling family has a nanny for their young one, Carolien is completely on her own. And that’s at €85, which they have to do all week.

So the fact that the family can go to Aruba for a week is a gift to them. “It’s not what I can give my children myself, it touches me too,” Mother Caroline says emotionally after a thorough examination. “We’re just happy, but sometimes I like it, sometimes I’ve had so little, but it’s so abundant.”

The Kemerlings, who had not visited the Netherlands for three years, were less impressed. They still have to get used to their new home. The amount of things in particular is a shock to them: “We ourselves are pretty simple, so we don’t like a lot of things. And this family has a lot of things.”

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And not only at home, the garden is also crowded. And it turns out that not only the “rich couple” is upset with him.

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