Raynot and Daniel Orlemans Sell Spacious Bel-Air Villa for $60 Million to The Weeknd | show

Raynot and Daniel Orlemans Sell Spacious Bel-Air Villa for $60 Million to The Weeknd |  show

Businessman Raynot Orlmans, 50, and his wife, Danielle, 48, have sold their Los Angeles home. Nobody but R&B star Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd. He paid at least $70 million (about €60 million) for the elegant villa. that reports The Wall Street Journal.

The paper is talking about one of the biggest housing deals to be closed in Los Angeles this year so far. The Oerlemans family purchased the property in 2014 for approximately $22 million. told Daniel Orlemans, who was a presenter and former cyclist Last year he spent four years working on the renovation. “From managing contractors to everything related to the interior and the garden. I was there from early morning until late at night.”

The spacious villa in Bel Air, one of Los Angeles’ wealthiest neighborhoods, overlooks the local country club and golf course. The townhouse is approximately 3,065 square meters and includes nine bedrooms, a sports court, a spa with sauna and hammam, an indoor pool, an outdoor infinity-pool with a waterfall, a cinema, a gym and a music studio.

They had absolutely no intention of selling the house until real estate agents looking for The Weeknd contacted them. Oerlemansjes initially resisted, but gave up anyway. The house was sold in an “off-market deal”.

home sick

The deal follows the sale of Tesfaye’s former Los Angeles home, which Madonna purchased earlier this year for nearly $20 million. It is not known whether the Oerlemans family has purchased a new home. They have already owned a large amount of real estate, including a house in Amsterdam. This house is located near Museum Square, so that the four children of the spouses will always have a place there, as Danielle Orleman said earlier.

A year ago, she said she has never been homesick for the Netherlands – “because we are in the privileged position to easily fly back and forth”. “When the kids leave, I don’t know where they will end up. But my husband and I wish to continue dividing our time between America and Holland, where all our family is.”

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