Rachel Kramer is threatened by a scammer

Rachel Kramer is threatened by a scammer

The relationship between Rachel and Dion on the one hand and Tiffany on the other has a long history that began a year ago. The couple would become regulars at Tiffany’s Soulsistah beach suite in Scheveningen. However, when the agreed payments failed to materialize, they discontinued their cooperation. The damage is at the bottom of the line: 40,000 euros in salary loss.


“Tiffany did the same with her wealthy then-boyfriend H (personal data known to the story) from Friesland,” Rachel Storey tells. He transferred 5.8 million euros to her, because she will have to pay for her personal security out of her own pocket. The “guarantee” was a million-dollar inheritance that you’ll have within a few years. With money from that Frisian man, Tiffany started an interior shop and a pavilion on the Soulsistah beach in Scheveningen, among other things. Dion and I were doing dinner shows there. But Tiffany didn’t pay anyone. Not the rent, not the staff… ‘After the FIOD raid, Tiffany was arrested and released just months later. “Partly because it was all in her partner’s name.”

bandage on wound

Since then, Rachel and Dion have received part of the lost funds as a plaster on the wound. Rachel tells the story “We received about half of our salary retroactively in several instalments.” “We were fortunate that Tiffany’s assistant, who knew nothing of her practices, arranged everything for us. Through UWV we received about half of our salary retroactively, about €10,000 per person. In short, we still lost €20,000.

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