Rachel Hazes puts her son and daughter in front of her stroller

Anette vindt iets over Rachel

Now that they’ve both severed contact with mother and spider-in-the-web Rachel Hazes, nothing seems to stand in the way of a reunion between Andre and Roxanne. Well nothing…

Divide and conquer. Using this tactic, Rachel Hazys managed to establish herself for a long time as the godmother of the troubled family. By alternately designating Andre and his sister Roxanne as darlings and scapegoats, she created chaos and discord.

Take, for example, the long-running argument between Rachel and Andre a few years ago. Then Roxanne dutifully rallied behind her mother, which led to her also quarreling with her brother. In 2019, Andre told Johnny de Mol about this: Suddenly, my mother and my sister no longer spoke to my wife. And because I was standing behind her, I didn’t talk to her anymore either. I was really devastated.”

Four years later, Andre and Rachel patch things up. Meanwhile, Roxanne had a problem with her mother, as she did not want to cooperate with her in a lawsuit against family friend Marieke Van Beek. While mother and son are having fun again, Rooks is suddenly at odds with the family members.

in Dear singers Rooks said she experienced trauma from her strange, strange childhood. Rachel attributed her remarks to “the rich imagination of a young girl at the time”. Andre jumped into the loop for his mom’s sake by giving her his “eternal respect” on Instagram. “I sincerely hope you don’t let statements from someone try to get you down in every way possible.”

The current situation is that the three are at odds with each other, as “Elvis Presley” Boulder confirmed to Eva Jenk. However, reconciliation between brother and sister seems closer than ever. Bee Genk Andre rehabilitated his sister by corroborating their childhood stories: I heard my sister give an interview and then talk about our childhood and our fear of abandonment and commitment. I get all kinds of remedies for it, because we’ve been through so much at home that it goes in all directions with us.

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In her new single, Roxanne seems to be vocal about her distance from her mother: “Now that you don’t tie me down, I’m free.” It’s time for Andre and Rox to make a new start together and thus fulfill their father’s promise.

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