Quente and Vivian on the end of coffee time: ‘Rawly said: vagina’

Quente and Vivian on the end of coffee time: 'Rawly said: vagina'

“We heard yesterday that Koffietijd will stop on May 26, 2023 to be exact and that is a shame,” Quente begins. “This is an understatement.” Quinte then says she got the news on Tuesday after the show. “Then tears well in your eyes. I gave this place for a few hours. Then we got a lot of messages from people who still wanted to come. From 3J’s, to Jeroen van der Boom and Jan Smit. But of course that’s naturally pressed.”

Vivian describes stopping the show as “normal”: “Just a bit of nonsense. We heard something here and there in the hallways so it’s not exactly new. But the day you hear it it’s annoying. We have a great team I’m going to miss it so much.” Quinte indicated that he understood the decision to stop. “It’s an expensive program. It’s understandable for sure, but that doesn’t mean you can also give it a sentimental place. But fortunately, we still have seven months for that. We can do that, very elegantly, until the end of the season.”

RTL announced on Tuesday that Koffietijd will go off the tube after May 2023. Since then, the phrase “just a moment with each other” has ceased to exist. “Unfortunately, the program is no longer reaching a sufficient number of viewers,” the initiators of Nationale Postcode Loterij and VriendenLoterij said in a statement.

The morning show premiered in 1994 with Hans van Willigenburg and Mireille Bekooij Cojohen, but was discontinued in 2001. From 2010 the show returned to television with Loretta and Quinte as the show’s showrunners.

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