March 23, 2023

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Queen Elizabeth is no longer allowed to go to official events alone

Queen Elizabeth is no longer allowed to go to official events alone

according to telegraph This was decided after Queen Elizabeth had to cancel a visit to Northern Ireland at the last minute last week because her doctors asked her to rest. Although Buckingham Palace confirmed it was nothing serious, it later turned out that the complaints were so bad that Elizabeth spent a night in King Edward VII Hospital.

Elizabeth was also recently seen carrying a walking stick for the first time in years. According to royal family expert Angela Levine, the Queen has simply been too busy lately. Since the death of her husband Prince Philip, no one has dared to say that Elizabeth should slow down now and then. In addition, the Queen is very obedient and is not quick to cancel anything, even if in reality she is not feeling well. To make sure she stays fit despite her age, her doctor is said to have recently advised her to cut out her regular daily drink.

It remains to be seen if Elizabeth will follow the advice. Usually you are someone who prefers to choose their own path. Soon after being discharged from the hospital, she was right back at work:

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