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Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon Game Super Resolution mobile hardware upgrade tool. With this, the developer promises higher frame rates and higher resolutions for mobile games. This should also allow the phone’s battery to last longer.

According to Qualcomm Games can be rendered at 1080p at 4K resolution using the Game Super Resolution tool, and 30fps can be boosted to 60fps with this technology. The manufacturer promises “twice the performance improvements” compared to other mobile upgrade tools.

Users can choose from four different options. They can choose to increase the resolution while keeping the visual quality of the graphics the same, or increase the visual quality of the graphics while keeping the frame rate the same. In addition, it is possible to increase the frame rate while the resolution and visual quality remain the same, or “just” power consumption is reduced so that the battery lasts longer.

This tool is capable of displaying upgraded images in one go, rather than in two steps like competing FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0 tool from AMD, and is said to offer faster performance and lower power consumption. Game Super Resolution is optimized for Snapdragon Adreno GPUs, but should still work with “most” mobile GPUs, Qualcomm claims.

The mobile games themselves must support the upgrade technology. Qualcomm mentions Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, Farming Simulator 23 Mobile, and Jade Dynasty, among others, as games that will support this tool. Game Super Resolution should be available later in the year.

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