QR codes on Uitmarkt instead of kiosks: ‘Sad, cry’

QR codes on Uitmarkt instead of kiosks: 'Sad, cry'

The opening of the cultural season at the Uitmarkt will look different this year from previous years. Where you used to be approached by comedians, stage makers and musicians in the stands, this year visitors scan QR codes to learn about new shows.

In the maze there is a QR code for each cultural institution with an image to display that can be scanned. When scanning the code, visitors receive more information about the performance and in some cases even the discount code.

“As a tourist I don’t come to Amsterdam for that”

market visitor

But there seems to be little interaction between visitors and makers. “Sad, I cry. As a tourist, I don’t go to Amsterdam for that,” said a frustrated visitor who traveled for two hours today to reach the Uitmarkt.

Vera Carasso, director of the Museums Association, acknowledges that visitors need to interact. So the speaker is arranged and the banners are interactively designed for the kids. The Street Museum greeted visitors with graffiti spraying.

“Visitors are not yet bothered by inflation but there are problems behind the scenes”

Vera Carasso, Director of the Museum Association

The cultural sector has already had a hard time during the Corona crisis and is not improving now that everything is quickly becoming more and more expensive. Karasu: “Visitors are not bothered by inflation at the moment, because museums are not suddenly raising ticket prices and the museum ticket has not become more expensive yet. But behind the scenes there are already problems. The rise in housing costs due to gas prices but of course also material costs.”

Sunday is the last day at the Uitmarkt. There are also shows in the evening.

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