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QNAP will extend critical security updates to certain NAS systems even though they are in an end-of-life state. These devices will now receive security updates through October 2022.

Typically, QNAP provides security updates to its eol systems for a period of four years. company pointing now It will continue to update selected NAS systems through October to protect them from “evolving security threats” and to give users more time to upgrade their devices to a newer model.

These are x86-64bit devices and NAS systems with an Arm chip that are currently running on older versions of QTS. Specifically, this concerns QTS versions 4.2.6 And 4.3.3 From May 2017, 4.3.6 From March 2019 and 4.4.1 As of September 2019. Updates are limited to patches of vulnerabilities that have been flagged as “high” or “critical.”

QNAP also advises users not to “expose” EOL NAS devices to the Internet to protect them from unpatched vulnerabilities. company Give that advice Also in January, when ransomware was spreading targeting QNAP systems that could be accessed online. who – which Concerned, for example, DeadBolt† Qlocker also reappeared in January, Bleeping Computer Books† QNAP also invited users to turn off the upnp function of the NAS and disable port forwarding in their router.

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