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No one will blame you if you understand the differences between LCD, OLED, Neo QLED and QD screens.
OLED cannot be precisely enumerated, but there are indeed differences between these panel technologies. It is especially important for the speculator to choose the right TV for his or her particular situation. This is why we are looking at the various top models from Samsung, which currently offer all the latest technologies in their range.

In recent years, televisions have become increasingly better, and especially affordable. Where OLED TVs have been an interesting option only for enthusiasts for a long time, there are more and more
Affordable TVs with an OLED panel. At the same time, technology has improved, and so have we
It can be seen in Samsung’s new OLED TVs with QD technology. Still, Samsung
The opinion that OLED is not the best choice for everyone in all situations. That is why the company is positioning the new QLED next to the OLED TVs in the high segment, and the manufacturer has good reasons for this. We list the differences for you.


OLED screens are distinguished from traditional LCD screens by not needing a backlight
he is. This allows for deeper contrast and images that should be black are really black. there
After all, no light can leak through, thanks to the lack of a backlight. Especially if you are the best
You want contrast when displaying media, OLED is the better choice in many cases. Especially if you are the best
You want contrast when watching media, OLED is the better choice in many cases.
Even if you often watch content with a slightly different aspect ratio than your TV, OLED is a workaround, because the black bars of properly displaying a movie or series on your TV are less noticeable. The disadvantage of traditional OLED technology is that the white light of OLED screens must be filtered to the correct color. As a result, the OLED screen image is in most cases less clear than the LCD TV image and colors are displayed less accurately. There is now a new OLED technology called QD OLED that reduces the differences. Used by new Samsung TVs.

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The letters QD in QD-oled stand for Quantum Dot. This ensures that white filtering of OLEDs is no longer necessary, so that QD OLED panels have a higher brightness than traditional OLED panels. Instead of filtering the light, the nanoparticles convert the light into the correct color. The top model, the Samsung OLED S95B, has an HDR display with up to 1,500 nits of brightness. That’s less than the 4,000 nits of the Samsung neo qled, but it’s a nice advance in OLED technology, and certainly more than enough in situations without overexposure. In addition, according to Samsung, QD-oled has the advantage that colors can be displayed more beautifully, and
The viewing angle is also better than that of non-quantum dot OLED TVs.

Neo qled is making the jump to 8k

Samsung’s new QLED TVs don’t have individual OLEDs that can be turned on and off, but use dimming zones to achieve the right contrast. As a result, the image is brighter. According to Samsung, the image brightness remains good even in a room with a lot of light, because an anti-reflective filter has been added. High brightness and good contrast are achieved by using many small micro LEDs, which, according to Samsung, allow more dimming areas than traditional full range dimming. This new generation can continue
These areas make the image almost completely black. to the right areas
To completely expose the matter, Samsung has developed its own processor that ensures that
The image is displayed in pleasant contrast. With QD-oled the contrast will always be a little better,
But this difference is diminishing. If you think this minimal difference is the most important thing,
Neo QLED TV has other interesting features.

First of all, the 8k versions of neo qled tv are available at the top. The
QN800B and QN900B can display series, movies and games at a resolution of 7680 x 4320
pixels. When it comes to 8k TVs, market saturation is still in its infancy. that
It means that the supply in 8k content is still limited, and this is expected to be the case for a while
Spends. This does not mean that you cannot watch 8K content at all, because Samsung has equipped its neo QLED 8K TVs with its own chip that can upscale 4K content to 8K. Of course this is important
It’s not quite as good as the original 8k picture, but Samsung claims it’s a huge improvement over 4k.

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interesting for gamers

When using the TV for gaming in addition to watching series and movies, it is useful to consider a few other features when choosing the right TV. First of all, this concerns the refresh rate. For this we finish with the neo qled, and then specifically with the 43-inch and 50-inch versions of the QN9XB and all sizes of the QN95B. These models have 4k resolution
The refresh rate is 144 Hz, which is slightly more than 120 Hz for other models.
These 4K models have a refresh rate of 144Hz, which is slightly more than the 120Hz of the other models.

Moreover, both the new QD OLED TVs and the new QLEDs are equipped with four HDMI 2.1 ports. Even if you have several modern consoles, you can connect them to your TV according to the latest standards. Another interesting thing to consider when making the right choice for your gaming setup is the One Connect Box that comes with the new qleds. Samsung has chosen to remove the connections from the housing of these TVs, so that the form factor is flatter. Links are bundled together in a separate box. It then connects to your TV with a single cable, opening up new possibilities for cable management.

To complete the setup, Samsung also offers a variety of soundbars. sound from
Samsung QD-oled and neo qled aren’t bad, but just like with any TV, as a true movie or music lover, you’ll want that extra step in sound quality. For starters, Samsung has it
Ultra slim speaker for this, with extra attention to design. For more comprehensive use
Samsung has the S series. Not only is this soundbar intended to amplify the sound of your TV, but it can also act as a Bluetooth speaker that you connect to your smartphone. For a true cinema experience, Samsung claims the Q series is the answer. These speakers support 3D Dolby Atmos.

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A nice detail with all of Samsung’s new soundbars is that they don’t have your TV’s speakers
but use it to supplement your speakers, according to Samsung
To give a fuller sound. If you’re in doubt about what’s best for you, you can The
on the Samsung website to get to the correct speakers.

Are you planning to buy a new TV and soundbar soon? Samsung claims
To have a kind of TV for everyone with its current ‘Samsung TV for Everyone’ campaign. Take a look at the different models below; Who knows, there might be something out there that meets your requirements.

New QLED TV from Samsung
Samsung QD oled
Samsung The Frame
samsung free
Samsung Q series
Samsung ultra slim speaker
Samsung S series soundbar

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