Px8 is B&W’s ‘best wireless headphones ever’, but it’s expensive

Px8 is B&W's 'best wireless headphones ever', but it's expensive

Bowers & Wilkins has a profile High quality wireless headphones. The Px8 has to be B&W’s best headphone ever, with 24-bit DSP, updated Carbon Cone drivers and active noise cancellation.

The Px7 S2 headphones have only been out for three months, but B&W has really improved them. The Px8 has 40mm carbon cone drivers, four active noise-canceling microphones and two recording microphones.

Px8 in black and “tan”.

Wireless connectivity is via Bluetooth, and obviously no dongle is included, so PC users will have to deal with either a USB-c cable (included) or a USB-c to 3.5mm cable. On bluetooth, the headphones last about 30 hours, with noise reduction turned on. Charging is fast: after 15 minutes of charging, you can listen for another 7 hours.

The Px8 is more luxurious than its predecessor, with cast aluminum arms, metallic detailing, and nappa leather upholstery. You have to pay something for it: the headphones are sold for 669 euros; A little more than the Px7 S2, which you can get for 429 euros.

B&W’s Px8 can only be ordered now In the same company. It is also expected to be available soon at well-known retailers.

Bowers & Wilkins

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