Putin signs treaties in the occupied territories • Announcing the winners of the “Golden Calves” awards

Putin signs treaties in the occupied territories • Announcing the winners of the "Golden Calves" awards


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good morning! Today, Putin will sign treaties on the four occupied Ukrainian regions. Energy ministers meet in Brussels to discuss theft of profits from energy companies. The winners of the Golden Calves will be announced at the Holland Film Festival.

First the weather: After the fog and fog melted, a picture of sunny weather. Also cumulus clouds in the afternoon. With weak to moderate south winds, the temperature reaches 16 degrees. It will stay dry almost everywhere, only by the sea there is still a chance to take a shower. Variable during the weekend with strong westerly winds.

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What do you expect today?

  • Russian President Putin today signed treaties that will include four occupied Ukrainian regions.
  • The energy ministers of the European Union meet in Brussels. They talk about stealing profits from energy companies and corporate contributions from fossil companies.
  • The winners of the Golden Calves 2022 will be announced during the closing ceremony of the Netherlands Film Festival. Among the nominees are many films and series from streaming services.

What did you miss?

Hurricane Ian caused severe damage to Florida made. Rising waters make it difficult for emergency services to reach state residents. It is feared that many people died in the storm.

President Biden has expressed concerns that Ian could be the deadliest hurricane ever to hit Florida. “The numbers are not clear, but we are hearing the first reports that may indicate significant loss of life.”

Other news from the night:

Then this:

Alessandra Korab fights to preserve her Amazon. Like many other natives, she is very anxious. She believes that if the Bolsonaro government’s policy continues, the Amazon will not be saved anymore.

Alessandra Korab Fights For The Amazon And ‘Don’t Bow Down’

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