Putin calls for better security at Crimea Bridge after explosion

Putin calls for better security at Crimea Bridge after explosion

Putin also ordered better monitoring of pipelines and facilities that supply natural gas and electricity to Crimea. The FSB will be responsible for the enhanced security measures.

The bridge as a target

It is not yet clear who was behind the bombing of part of the bridge, although Ukraine is believed to be responsible. The Ukrainians had indicated several times that they saw the bridge as a target.

According to experts, this was a slap in the face for Putin at least, in the eighth month of the bloody Russian invasion of Ukraine and eight years after the seizure of Crimea.

not decisive

Putin’s request was anticipated earlier in the day by former commander-in-chief Mart de Crieff. He told RTL Nieuws that the attack isn’t decisive, but it’s annoying.

This is what it looked like this morning at De Krim:

This is because after this explosion, they will have to “put more units around the bridge”. De Croof: “In addition, it must not happen again and supplies must be secured across the bridge.”

Russia is losing ground

So more people are needed to guard the bridge. This is while Russia has been losing ground in the lead in recent times. It is a blow to Ukraine, but it is not a knockout.

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