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Sony has released an update for the PS4 that allows games to run without a CMOS battery and connect to the Internet. Previously, one of them was a requirement, which could be a problem if the battery is down and PS4 services are not available online.

Previously, when starting each game, the game console’s operating system would check the PS4’s internal clock, or the Internet, to check the completion date. Awards to sign up. For the internal clock, the device relied on the built-in CMOS battery. If the Internet connection and the CMOS battery fail, the games will not start at all.

The newly released firmware version 9.0.0 ensures that the PS4 can continue to play games even if the built-in CMOS battery is defective, empty or absent and the console has no internet connection. That was, among other things I mentioned on Twitter It was then confirmed by YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer, who tested the notifications himself. The date is reset to 1969, but the games will work without the battery. Awards are also reset, due to its strong association with Sony’s online services.

If Sony doesn’t fix this dependence on the CMOS battery and PS4 online services, it could become a major problem in the future. It is already known that Sony has launched its online services It doesn’t last forever. It’s also clear that a CMOS battery doesn’t last forever. This combination could have resulted in countless ruined future consoles. The issue was already resolved in March of this year lift By some users on Twitter.

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